Welcome to the Cirad locust team homepage

Locusts are a major threat to agriculture in many regions of the world. These feared pests can express an extreme form of plastic response to density, known as phase polyphenism. Where population densities are high, locusts aggregate into ‘gregarious’ groups and migrate. Hopper bands and swarms will then cause extensive damage to pastures and crops.

The Cirad locust team focuses on problems caused by locusts, mainly in the African tropics, the Near East, Asia and Latin America. We are a part of CBGP (Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations) in Montpellier, France, since September 2013. Research is led to assist developing countries to better control locust species of economic importance through a better understanding of the determinism of outbreaks, monitoring and early warning systems, as well as application of new control methods that are more effective, more economical and more ecologically sustainable than those that are currently practised.


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